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Are you a Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan's FAN?!!! Here's a VERY GOOD NEWS for you! There will be a LIVE ACTION and to be aired on Summer 2015, they began filming it way back May 2014 until August 2014

Humors about Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan's Live Action are now answered by and websites, after releasing the pictures of the cast containing the NEW SEVEN CHARACTERS that we haven't seen in its Manga or Anime.


The Eren will be Haruma Miura.
He also portrayed Kazehaya of Kimi ni Todoke Live Action.
I could see the walls <3 <3 <3

The Mikasa is Kiko Mizuhara.
She is the current Girlfriend of BigBang's GD.

The Armin will be Kanata Hongo my boy
He portrayed Nana in Nana Live Action.
As we all now should know that Armin is a girl. Yet they have Kanata as Armin.

Hanji Zoe will be Satomi Ishihara.
She's one of the leading role in Sadako film.
In this picture, is she holding a gun? Wow! New weapon.
The precious smile of Hans. <3

Jean will be played by Takahiro Miura.
I wonder what happened to Jean's Hair? XD

Sasha Braus will be Nanami Sakuraba.
She portrayed Mizuni Koto in Limit Live Action.
I remember how Sasha stabbed in the eye the 3ft kind of Titan.
Potato girl <3

One of the new character will be Shikishima and will be portrayed by Hiroki Hasegawa.
Shikishima will be the Humanity's Strongest Man.
How's that? Are you excited? What kind of strength this man has?
To be called the Strongest Man? Wooo! Exciting!!! (I think he is Levi???)

Another new character is Souda and will be portrayed by Pierre Taki.
Pierre-san played the role of Maki on Parasyte Live Action Part I this coming November 29, 2014
Ohh, now they're having a TANK? How could that be?? :O

Another new character is Kubal and will be portrayed by Jun Kunimura.
Jun-san played the role of Detective Hirama on Parasyte Live Action Part I this coming November 29, 2014

Fukushi, another new character and will be played by Shu Watanabe.
He is one of the member of Kamen Rider named OOO or Eiji Hino.

Ayame Misaki will play the role of  Hiana which is another new character.
She have portrayed Ai Yamaguchi of Shin Usagi Yasei to Tohai

Another new character is Rina Takeda as Lil.

Lastly is Sannagi played by Satoru Matsuo.
That axe tho.

- * - * -

The story line will be based on the Manga series Shingeki no Kyojin by Hajime Isayama. It was planned to have a Live Action way back 2011 but then the original director dropped this project, then Shinji Higuchi-sama saved us (AoT Fans) because he directed this film and made this possible. 

Where do you think is the setting place of this Movie? 

It was filmed in an abandoned off coast island in Nagasaki Japan. It is called Hashima but then they mostly call it Gunkanjima or 'Battleship Island' because it looks like a warship in the middle of Nagasaki's sea. It is abandoned but its now a tourist spot for travelers. 


Scary place but I think this is the perfect place for shooting since it has so many buildings which fits for the ambiance of having 3D maneuver. What most bothered me is the TITANS!!!!! I'm excited to see real-life-portrayed titans. Yieee!

Also, really looking forward to the new characters, what are they roles in this Movie? Are they going to be in Manga or in Anime sooner or later?? 

How about you? What are your thoughts about this LIVE ACTION? Ughh. I can't wait!!!! Comment below and Thanks for reading! :)

Attack on Titan LIVE ACTION!

By : Oelette Nudols
Huwebes, Nobyembre 20, 2014
I was about to post this months ago but then I'm busy for midterms and the details are not complete so I posted this just now. First I don't care about Weaboos phenomena thingy as long as it does not concern me. I let things go with their flow and let them do what they want. But for now, after seeing Netizen quarrels about being a Weaboo or not on a certain Facebook fan page, throwing foul words to each other and talking crap Weaboos whatnot. 

What's the big deal being an WEABOO?

Credits to the owner

Let me start it with, WHAT IS WEABOO/WAPANESE? Weaboo is a combination of a word WANNABE and JAPANESE. A non-Japanese person who is freaking obsessed with Japanese culture and follow it as if they never had one before, people who mixes their language together with Nihon Go That raccoon is kawaii-my ass. or speak Japanese words that they have only adopted after watching anime BAYAROU KONYAROU!(from Naruto; Killer B) and sounds so stupid for pronouncing it stupidly wrong. A non-Japanese who thinks they are the character from the Anime they adore and if ever there's someone who will say I don't freakin' love Kirito of SOA cause he is a gay then that Kirito-hardcorefan will abuse you through verbal, it is a non-Japanese anime obsessed who's willing to fight over internet or in person for their waifu fiction-character oh yeah capslock me to death if you just insulted Anime, they'll over react and cause a violence to others. A non-Japanese person who spend their money or parent's money just to buy tons of figures, costumes, and mangas. Someone who worships Japan more than their country and tries too hard for them to be a real life anime character.

So now you think you are one of those Certified Weaboo just because some of it fits the shoe? Now let us go deeper, let us talk more about what is Weaboo so that you won't be confused. If you think you are a Weaboo here are some advice for you to realize sort of stuff but seriously speaking being a waeboo is not a big deal FOR ME Now, what are things you must first to realize? this is all based on my opinion.

1. I, myself, really like Japanese culture, I even read articles about it, example: how you use chopstick while eating in Japan, The right degree angle when you Bow to someone BUT I never used it, I never say ITADAKIMASU! in front of anyone before I eat my meals or say TADAIMA! when I got home because it is not part of my culture. And that is so freaking weird, my mom might ask me if I used drugs or what.

2. And because I have watched and like Anime, I self study myself to learn Nihon Go. I searched all over the internet about how I can speak Japanese and studied, I learned a lot BUT I never speak Japanese in front of my classmate UNLESS the one i'm speaking with could understand what I'm saying or I must say a buddy who's also studying Japanese. Or never say BAKAA!!!!!!, KAMPAIII!!!!!! specially to strangers or any random short Japanese phrases, Hey! baby you are kawaii desu~~~, Please tell me Harry-Kun! Onegaiii~, Notice me senpai! (I always say Notice me senpai, whenever I talk to my co-otakus, for they can understand it, and get my point.) Do not ever insert Japanese words in the middle of your mother tongue language. Well you are safe if you are studying Japanese, because you're just using it orally but for damn sake don't over do it up to you are already talking to your innocent mom who's not aware of Japanese stuff, and she'll say "wtf dude" loljk.

3. I adore the personality of Konan of Naruto, Ryuko Matoi and Yato of Noragami, but hey! I never think of being exactly like them, all the lesson I have encountered while watching anime I apply it in my life but I NEVER ACT LIKE I'M THE FICTIONAL CHARACTER OF THE ANIME I ADORE. Be yourself, I mean, you can't just be that fictional character, right? You don't have to push yourself way too hard to be the anime character you adore. Be yourself.

4. Never EVER cause a fight over an Anime Character, put in your mind that everyone has their own opinion and so you are which everyone should respect and so they are to you. Remember, Anime character don't even exist for you to hurt someone using verbal abuse. If someone tell you I hate Kirito and he is a gay IGNORE, who cares anyway? 

What I am pointing is that, you may like their culture ALWAYS RESPECT OTHERS AND EVEN YOUR OWN CULTURE, you can watch several types of anime, you can speak their language in a appropriate way.

You can't be already a Waaeboo by just watching anime but nowadays people mistaken Weaboo by just watching anime where's the fudging logic peopleee!!!. I tell you, you can't just tell someone that they are a Waaeboo just because they did many cosplays and bought figures or posters, you just cant. I think being a Weaboo is the attitude over matter. Being a narrow minded person and too much obsession that you forgot the real stuff or real thing and start fight over fictional character are what makes you a Weaboo. 

These are just some of the information, but being a Weaboo is a long way more discussion than this.

So that's it, for my final speech here is the link of 10 steps on How to avoid becoming a Weaboo CLICK HERE. But I tell you, Waaeboo or not, Anime is still Anime. Thank you for reading! :)

What is Weaboo/Waaeboo?

By : Oelette Nudols
Miyerkules, Setyembre 24, 2014

My all-time-favorite anime is One Piece, well because of the characters and the plot. I'm a die hard hardcore fan that's why I search all over the internet everything about it and just one day I found a sites which contains a One Piece themed restaurant and a park, sad to say for the foreign people of Japan like me it is located in Japan. Since I still don't have money and will never have T_T for me to go there, I just do sight-seeing via internet. Some of the details may spoil you if you are still watching One Piece

First let me discuss to you the Baratie Restaurant,the amusement park will be posted next time if you will remember how Luffy recruited Sanji, it was in Zeff's ship named Baratie. The Baratie is an ocean-going restaurant, founded and run by Zeff. It is located in the Sambas Region of East Blue.

Now Japan make it into a real-life restaurant but it is not really floating on the ocean. It is located at Fuji Television Headquarters 7F  Odaiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Open daily, 10:30AM - 10:00PM (They will only accept guess up to 9:30PM). 

What do they serve? They serve sea monsters a variety of foods based on One Piece's characters, scene, environment and whatnot, examples;


Ordeal "sky Bancho" in the "swamp"  of inadvertently liberation  "Numakumo burger" -- 1,690 Yen

Ordeal ohm VS Zorro "iron"  grilled pork loin  served with "Shiro荊" -- 1,980 Yen

With 15 Grains & Rice ancient rice  "steak and foie gras bowl"  balsamic, honey soy sauce. -- 2,980 Yen


Whim salad chef (dinner guidance as hors d'oeuvres) -- 850 Yen


"Dream of human !!!  mock Town Cherry Pie --- 890 Yen

Golden city "Shandora" shaved ice  served with vanilla ice -- 720 Yen

They also change their menu depends on the season, they also have souvenir like Chocolate Golden Bars and One piece themed Eco-bags. I wish to visit this restaurant and pig out, eat every single food they offer! 

Here are some of the pictures inside the Baratie Restaurant;

By the way guys, if you are a fan of One Piece, these links might  interest you. 

Thank you for reading! :)

One Piece - Real life Baratie Restaurant

By : Oelette Nudols
Lunes, Agosto 11, 2014

First, what is Lupin the III? It is one of the all time favorite anime in Japan or maybe in the whole world. The manga was released way back 1967 until 1981 while the Anime is aired during 1971 until 2012. Lupin III is the gradson of the master thief Arsene Lupin. With his cohorts Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII and his love interest Fujiko Mine, he pulled off the greatest heists of all time while always escaping the grasp of Inspector Koichi Zenigata.

Lupin III - Anime

And now guess what? Japan nailed it! They made it into a live action that will be aired on 30th of August, 2014 all over in Japan. Starring Shun Oguri just so you know Shun is also the Rui Hanazawa the silent boy, one of the member of F4 in Hanayori Dango which is a Japanese version of Meteor Garden. , Tetsuji Tamayama, Go Ayano, Meisa Kuroki and Tadanobu Asano, there's more! Jerry Yan of Meteor Garden of Taiwan, Kim Joon of F4 - Boys Over Flower of Korea, Nic Tate, Nirut Sirijanya & many foreign artist. Wait, What?! Seriously, one more and F4 is re-united again. Hahahaha!

Shun Oguri & Jerry Yan

The story line is based on the manga series which was published August 1967 to 1969. They began filming the movie last October 3 and ended on December 26, 2013. They already have visited Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines for the venues/shoot of their film. Before taking the film, Shun practiced for 10 months of action training and lost 8 kilograms I can visualized him *drools* while Ayano gained 10 kilograms for him to fit perfectly the role of Ishikawa.

As of now there are still no announcement if when they'll distribute the copies for foreign viewing. I just hope that they wont make it too much modernized that we can't see the beauty of its 80's or 90's feels. How about your thoughts and expectations for this movie? Share it with us!. 

Thank you for reading! :)

Lupin the III - Live Action

By : Oelette Nudols
Sabado, Agosto 9, 2014
So I've been thinking if there is any Attack on Titans Season 2 so I start wandering around and I found nothing but a humor. Up until I checked our TNMAA's forum and looked for a topic containing the same question, then I found this thread.

I clicked what genjuro07's have linked to us and it appears with a short details about the interview of Wada-san and the rest Production team of Attack on Titans. 

In the interview, the session began with the question if the AoT will have a sequel or season 2 and they answered it plainly that they are already working on the pre-production stage of this anime. They did not open anything about the plot because they don't want to spoil everyone.

They also discussed the insight of the first season of AoT, it was inspired by Spiderman now I understand what's behind those ropes and Pacific Rim

Wada-san was also convinced that the success of AoT was because of the action scenes in the series and for the idea of Titan thingy. He also said that AoT is Germany environment-based and added that he has interest on cosplayers and he likes Inori of Guilty crown plus his favorite character in Attack on Titans is Sasha Braus. Lastly he confirm that Christa and Ymir are yuri couple.

Wada-san was also concerned about the Japanese Government anti-piracy, he wants everyone to see his works and hope for a day that there would be a perfect functioning system wherein people can watch anime with their respective languages.

Source: Everything is written in Germany/Sprache that's why I translated some of it which I think are the most important and most interesting details. 

So guys, Yes! All those season-two-release-date are all just humor and prank! Season 2 is still under pre-production stage so I think we have to wait a little longer. For all Attack on Titans/Shingeki no Kyojin fans out there, season two is about to approach, we just have to wait. Thank you for reading! :)

Attack on Titans / Shingeki no Kyojin - Season 2

By : Oelette Nudols
Huwebes, Agosto 7, 2014

For those people who are looking for the Cosplay/Anime/Otakus' Event list for the month of August;

August 2, 2014: KOMIKON Indieket (Facebook Page)

Time: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Where: Bayanihan Center - Unilab Pioneer Avenue, 1501 Pasig
Find Tickets: (100Php)
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 2, 2014: NIHON FAIR 2014 (Facebook Page)

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Where: Adamson University 900 San Marcelino Street Ermita Manila
Find Tickets: At their boot. (100Php)
Bring your I.D
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 2, 2014: TOKYO EDM INVASION (Facebook Page)

Time: 8:00pm - 3:00am
Where: SMX Convention Center 
Find Tickets: | (Starts with 500Php to 53,000Php)
18 years old and above, bring your I.D.
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 6-10, 2014: Eiga Sai Japanese Film Festival (Facebook Page)

Time: 10:00am
Where: Cinema 4, Ayala Center, Cebu City
Find Tickets: -- 
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 9, 2014: Cosplay Torch 5 (Facebook Page)

Time: 10:00am
Where: Mall Atrium, Baguio, Benguet
Find Tickets: --
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 9-10, 2014: Otaku Expo Reload 2014 (Facebook Page)

Time: 10:00am -
Where: Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall Mandaluyong city
Find Tickets: -- (100Php)
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 16, 2014: Rampage 2014

Time: -
Where: World Trade Center
Find Tickets: Garena Office (300-1000Php)
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 17, 2014: Cosplay Evolution 

Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Where: SM Center Molino
Find Tickets: --
12:00nn starts of registration
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 23, 2014: Cosplay Torch 5 (Facebook Page)

Time: -- 
Where: SM City North Edsa, Annex, Quezon City
Find Tickets: -- 
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 23, 2014: Cosplay Fashion Run 2014 (Facebook Page)

Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm
Where: Amoranto Stadium, Quezon CIty
Find Tickets: (149Php/499Php)
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 23, 2014: Cosplay Rumble Zone 

Time: 2:00pm-5:00pm
Where: SM Center Las pinas
Find Tickets: (50Php)
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

August 30/31, 2014: Misaki Cyber Con 

Time: 10:00am
Where: Events Center, SM City Taytay, Taytay Rizal
Find Tickets: Free Entance
FOR MORE INFO, Click here.

So, which event are you on? See you there!

Dates can be moved depending on the event holder. My sources are Google and Facebook and I have compiled it at once. Sorry, I can't fill up everything. But I hope I help you, Arigatou! 

Otaku's Event Guide list for the month of August.

By : Oelette Nudols
Miyerkules, Agosto 6, 2014
I WANT MORE ORANGE !!!(Takano Ichigo)

Have you ever heard of this super under rated manga that filled my days with crazy feelings and emotions and it keeps me wanting more?the manga that i was talking about was ORANGE by Takano Ichigo.This was the first ever manga that made me look like an idiot while reading it because i got really carried away to the uniqueness of the story.

I just saw this manga in my news feed, it was posted by an anime page (can't remember what page tho) the art concept attracted me the i gave it a shot , honestly i don't really like reading manga so this was my very first time reading one .

It is a love story/mystery/slice of life/romance manga ,and i respectively don't really like these kinds of genre, but still i got intrigued by the comments of the people who have read this manga so ....i still gave it a go.It was about a girl who received a letter from her future self.the letter contains tips and reminders from  her future self because her future self wants to fix and help her past self from making decision and avoid regrets.

At first i was like ,"meh , i'm just going to finish this chapter , then i'm going to stop reading it." .and then after a while , i find myself craving for more , so i went to the second chapter and told myself "maybe one more chapter". Then the these words began to enter my brain when i started reading the third chapter "maybe this manga is not that bad" ....and there you have it ,after an hour i finished reading all the available chapters because i found out that the manga only updates once every month. It was okay for me , because i really find it worth waiting for.

I am really hooked up to this manga, i really find myself cringing whenever i started reading it , but not until they released the tenth chapter it was an epic chapter but in the end of the chapter i found something "there will be no updates for next month , but please be patient" .my hopes and dream were crushed into shards and started to scatter in the mid air...i waited for almost 2 months and then my heart broke ,when i found out Takano Ichigo is going to a hiatus and there is no exact date or time when she is going back.i waited ,and waited , and until now its 2014 there is still no signs of her going back.

I highly suggest you guys to read this even though i know its not finished it is still worth reading for! We might even know she may return this year or maybe next month or maybe tomorrow? We will never know.

Here's a link if you wanna read it! Please read it ahaha!:

I WANT MORE ORANGE !!!(Takano Ichigo)

By : edison lazatin
Biyernes, Marso 28, 2014

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