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Reason why "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" cant get a season 3.

So... I was wandering on the internet for a while last week ,when suddenly... i got bored so i went to amazon and did some "shopping". i was about to close the amazon tab when i realized, " I haven't bought myself any anime stuffs this past months".I was thinking what anime related stuff that i can buy from myself in that moment then suddenly the picture of Haruhi Suzumiya ,wearing her bunny costume with her stunning body came to my mind , and i was like " oh yes !!!Haruhi suzumiya!!!" I went to google and do some research and found out that Haruhi Suzumiya was originally a light novel , so me as bookworm, i quickly ordered the first 7 books of it.Then another question came out of my mind "Is there any season 3 coming ?" , I've been waiting for this season to come but after doing some research my heart was devastated,i was one of the worst day of my life, as i read to the article that i'm reading "Haruhi suzumiya is NOT having a season 3.


Aya Hirano(Voice actress) sex scandal : the voice actress was caught sleeping with three boys in her band (this girls is a total badass XD), and that's the reason why she quit voice acting and that only means.... no voice no haruhi.

Slow update of the novel : the writer didn't updated anything for about 3 years, he only released 2 short stories and thats' it .

Kyoto animation dropped it: yeah it maybe unbelievable but KyoAni dropped haruhi for Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! And Hyouka . (Which were

great animes too.), but seriously!? KyoAni?!

Promotion: because there's no more update for the novel ,Kodakawa who makes anime to promote their own publication, has nothing left to promote .

Atsushi ito got demoted : he is one of the main producer of the Haruhi franchise and he works at KyoAni.
( feel bad for him and the for the anime)

The second season it self : i think everybody knows what i'm talking about ... the endless effin' summer night.

Well ...that's all what i can dig through the internet, but lets not loose our hope for this anime, actually there is a petition for it!! So GO!GO!GO! SIGN IT!


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